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2021.02.04 15:53

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Greetings Astellians!


In order to bring you Astellians a better experience in our community,

we would like to inform you about the following Forum Rules, so please take note of that when using the Forum.


[Forum Rules]


1. Please don't mention any please do not mention any spoiler for Astellians who want to enjoy the story of Astellia Royal.

2. GM don't involve in any conflict between players, but please refrain from slandering each other.

3. Even if there are game-related issues, please don't register posts repeatably within a short time or senseless.

4. Posts related to anti-virus, ads unrelated to the game, and spam are prohibited.

5. Sanctions for posts where accounts or items transaction are induced or included can be applied, according to the Operational Policy.

6. Sanctions for other all activities which cause inconvenience in using the service can be applied according to the operating policy.

- Impersonating GM, Fraud, Gamble, and activities causing disturbing other users are included.


If you have more questions, please check the Operational Policy.

[Go to the Operational Policy]


Please join us in making a clean and delightful community :)


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