Requiring the least amount of Atra Points to be summoned and maintained, Servants are the most basic Astels in Astellia. With Astels’ unique skills that can stun and immobilize enemies, support allies, and increase your character's mobility, players are free to create their own team of Astels tailored to their play style and enjoy an adventure with reliable allies.


An Astel that can redirect the enemy's aggression towards it or take damage for party members.


An Astel that reduces the casting time of summoned Astels or party members' skills.


An Astel that stuns targets and increases the offensive capabilities of allies.


An Astel that harasses targets from afar with electricity and blinding attacks.


An Astel who relies on overwhelming opponents in close combat.


An Astel that tirelessly teleports behind the enemy to attack.


An Astel that binds targets and heals party members.


An Astel that specializes in attacking opponents in mid range, maximizing its physical traits.


An Astel that increases the Attack Speed of summoned Astels and party members.


An Astel that can attack and dominate frontal enemies at close range.


An Astel that creates a smokescreen to hide and approach the target to attack.


An Astel that reduces the skill cooldown of summoned Astels or party members.


An Astel that can continuously or instantly recover HP of themself or a single party member.


An Astel that specializes in healing the HP of party members.


An Astel that inflicts damage, slows, or binds targets from afar.


An Astel that removes harmful status effects and provides heals.


An Astel that makes targets bleed and inflicts additional damage to bleeding enemies.


An Astel that poisons targets, inflicting additional damage to poisoned targets.


An Astel that attacks targets from afar with AoE magic.


An Astel with Berserker like aspects relying on frequently charging, suppression abilities, and combo hits.


An Astel that can hinder enemy movement or take damage for party members.


An Astel that increases the Movement Speed of summoned Astels and party members.


An Astel that attacks targets from afar and makes them bleed.


An Astel that increases Max MP of summoned Astels and reduces the MP cost of party members' skills.


An Astel that can control multiple targets' aggression by increasing caster's threat level or pulling targets to caster.


An Astel that attacks all targets in their path with dual shotguns.

  • Rota

  • Aquarius

  • Archer

  • Canceria

  • Capricorn

  • Corvus

  • Cygnus

  • Draco

  • Kukuma

  • Leo

  • Link

  • Lira

  • Miho

  • Papilia

  • Pisces

  • Ram

  • Scorpio

  • Serpens

  • Sirius

  • Taurus

  • Tetrinio

  • Tioka

  • Unicorn

  • Ursa

  • Virgo

  • Vulpecula

Boasting greater power and prowess on the battlefield, Guardian Astels lend their superior strength and destructive power to Astellians. These Astels have various wide-ranged skills that unleash their full potential in battles against multiple enemies. However, maintaining these Astels and casting their skills will require greater Atra Points in battle since they are way more powerful than Servant Astels.


An Astel that can inflict massive damage to a single target in a short time using Atra energy.


An Astel that slows down or freezes the targets within range using ice spells.


An Astel that swings the holy sword of the archangels for AoE attacks.


An Astel that attacks the targets within range with finesse.


An Astel that inflicts damage to the target from afar using a unique weapon.


An Astel that heals the HP of party members and debuffs enemies using the emotions such as love, attachment, and jealousy.


An Astel that heals the HP of party members and buffs summoned Astels with the power of ancient knowledge.

  • Seika

  • Glacier

  • Venecia

  • Ignagon

  • Enakir

  • Aida

  • Grimoires

The largest and most powerful of all Astels known are Saviours, who have the ability to distort the law of nature. Therefore, Saviours may only be invoked to serve an Astellian for brief periods of time, requiring a great amount of Atra Points. Despite the setback, Saviours are reliable allies that can provide Astellians with unparalleled destructive force in any situation. Eligos’s thunderbolt can bring anything to flames and Braga’s sword aura can turn the flow of any battlefield.


An AoE damage dealer type Astel that causes havoc with a greatsword.


An AoE damage dealer type Astel that uses a huge scythe and bare hands to attack a wide area.

  • Braga

  • Eligos