There are various Astels with which players can have an adventure and combat the enemy.

Each class of Astel has unique skills and stats, so you need to find the most efficient Astel.


Astel Class 

There are 7 classes of Astel: Knight, Warrior, Assassin, Archer, Mage, Scholar, and Muse.


Astel Types 

There are 3 types of Astel: Servant, Guardian, and Savior.

Each type of Astel has different abilities, including summoning cost, summoning time, and skillsets.

Because of this, it's wise to summon an Astel who can provide the best tactical advantage for the given situation.

Astel Types are as below.


Controlling Astels 

Summoned Astels are unsummoned when the duration ends or Atra Points reach 0.

They are also unsummoned when their HP reaches 0 or their master dies.

Unsummoned Astels can't be resummoned during their cooldown.

Controlling Astels is an important part of PvP and PvE.

The lower HP Astel has, the more the summoning cooldown is increased.

(If an Astel is unsummoned while its HP is 100%, the Astel can be immediately resummoned.)

Basic control is as below.


Astel Skills 

Astel of each class has a wide range of skills and they are optimal when they fight beside their master.

There are 4 skills for Astels: Basic Skill, Appearance Skill, Special Skill, and Collaboration Skills.

The special skills of Astel are used by using the summon key of Astel summoned.

Special skills can be accessed with the F1 - F8 keys according to the order they are added to the deck.


Astel Skill Types 

Auto Attack: Astel summoned uses automatically this skill.

Appearance Skill: It is used when Astel is summoned.

                       Muse Astels use Appearance skills like aura form when appearing.

Special Skill: It gives the order to Astel to use.

Collaboration Skill: It is used in combination with the character's skills.