There are various skills, like common target skills, Aoe skills that attack selection area or range, combo skills with combining 2 to 3 skills, and smart skills that vary with the conditions.


Combo and Smart Skill 

Combo Skills can be used without any condition and in order.
Smart Skills can be used only with a specific condition and if a condition is not fulfilled, they can't be used.


AoE skill (Ground skill) 

When using AoE skills, the UI of the area marker is displayed.
You can activate skills by selecting a target area by using this marker and clicking the mouse left.
In an area where using skills is prohibited, the marker is changed to red, and skills are not activated.
But some AoE skills such as wheel wind of Warrior can be directly used without selecting a target area.
Several skills give abnormal condition to a target.
Some of these abnormal conditions are changed to a high abnormal condition through duplication and the duration of the abnormal condition becomes increasing.
There are various abnormal conditions: Sleep, Freeze, KnockBack, Slow, Sustained Damage(DOT), Banish, Bind.


Multi Quick Slots 

You can easily use skills by assigning up to four skills to a single slot.
In order to use Multi Quick Slots, click the △ button to the right of the quick slots or the quick slot itself.
Once the quick slot is activated, you can assign additional skills to that slot."
Enhancing skill
Some skills can be enhanced. Enhancement of skill increases the effect of the skill.
1 skill enhancement point can be received per level starting from Lv. 6.
Each skill has different enhancement options and these options can be enhanced up to 7 points per skill.


Awakening skill

After awakening and evolving a character, skills for each evolution class can be received per enhancement step.
3 skills enhanced by existing skills are received in the enhancement 1, 3, and 5 steps, and 2 special skills for each class-matched are received.