Inventory/Compare Item


Inventory is an important part of the game. Loots, purchased items, crafting items, and quest items are stored here.

There are 8 inventory tabs and in each tab, a different kind of item is stored.

Equipment - Equipment that a character equips are stored, like weapon, armor, accessory, and treasure.

Consumables - All the Consumables are stored, like potion, food, mount, and Atra.

Rune - Runes equipped to equipment are stored.

Star Jewel - Star Jewel equipped to Astel is stored.

Coin - Special Coins like Ancient Fragment are stored.

Quest Item - Items for quest progress are stored.

Crafting item - Material items for crafting like clothes and woods are stored.

ETC - Many exchange items acquired while playing Astellia Royal.

30 slots are offered to each inventory and you can extend slots up to 70 by using Gem as a paid resource.

The basic key setting of this window is 'I'.


Compare Items (Shift)

You can compare the stats of the item you have equipped and the one you want to equip.

Press Shift on the item in the inventory and over your mouse over it to look at the tooltip and see the stats that will be changed if you switch items.