You can create and manage chat tabs on your purpose.

You can control chat options by right-clicking the chat tab and generate a new tab by clicking + on the tab.

Visibility of your screen can be adjusted by selecting texts displayed, changing colors, and adjusting the transparency of the tab.


Chat Command

A lot of Chat Commands can be used by entering /Commands into the chat window.

There are Commands supported as below and you can check more details by entering /?.


[Chat Commands] 

General Chat: /s

Whisper: /w [nickname]

Party Chat: /p

Expedition Chat: /d

Guild Chat: /g

Local Chat: /t

Avalon Chat: /d

Party Invitation: /partyinvite [nickname]

Kick from Party: /kick [nickname]

Leave Party: /leaveparty

Expedition Invitation: /expeditioninvite [nickname]

Kick from Expedition: /kickexpedition [nickname]


Chat Options 

You can use the chat options to increase your font size, create new tabs, filter only specific chats you want to see, and change the color of specific types of chat.

Chat Options can be open by right-clicking a chat window that you want to set.

Reset Chat is the function of resetting the chat tab when creating this chat window first.

It is possible to adjust your font size displayed in a chat window by selecting font size, filter chat log in the tab options, change color, and adjust the transparency of chat window.