All About Astel

All About Astel - How to use Astel



1. Register Astel 

You can register Astels that you want to use to [Astel Quick Slots] in the right bottom menu > [Astel Card].

It is possible to summon and unsummon registered Astels by using the shortcut key, and up to 3 Astels can be summoned.


* Register Astel


■ Tip for Using Astel

Character's basic stats enhancement bonus is applied to Astel's basic stats.

You can organize a powerful party by registering and summoning Astels depending on basic stats type(Physical/Magic).


* Example for Astel basic stats bonus


2. Summon Astel 

AP(summon power) of character is necessary to summon and retain summon Astels.

In order to retain up to 3 Astels, using AP is important. You can decrease AP consumption by using Astel Deck Effects, gear option, and Atra Potion.


* Information on summoning Astels


* Example for Atra Potion and gear option


3. Astel Deck Effects 

Astels have points of three deck effects list which have a beneficial effect.

If Astels are registered to Quick Slots, deck effects activate as points of deck effects list that relevant Astels have.

Also, You can make various Astel deck effects deck and use them by using this activated deck effect.


* Deck Effect Point is increased depending on Astel's Star.


When registering Astels to Quick Slots, deck effects activate and deck points can be obtained as points of deck effects.

Through equipping items like gears, treasures with deck effects points, you can obtain deck points as well.


* Example for Deck Effects Treasure Item


Deck effects per level can be obtained depending on activated deck points as follow:

First level in 9 points, second level in 15 points, third level in 24 points



■ Recommended Astel Deck for Beginner


- Retaining Summoned Astels Deck (AP Recovery + Increase Max AP)


- Increasing MP Efficiency Deck (MP Recovery + Decrease MP consumption + Decrease skill cool time)


- Astel Auto-Battle Deck(Increase EXP + Increase item drop rate, Asper)


- Deck for Skill Hunting (Increase skill range + Decrease skill casting time + Decrease skill cooldown)


- Status Immunity Deck (Ignore Freeze, Petrify, Stunned, Stiffen, DoT-type debuffs with a certain probability)


- Deck for Enhancement, Crafting (Increase enhancement rate + Increase crafting success rate + Increase crafting EXP)


4. Manage Astel Deck Effects 

You can manage Astel Deck Effects effectively in the right bottom menu > [Manage Astel Deck Effect]

Manage Astel deck effect and slot number of Quick Slots are managed equally, and if equipping items that affect a deck effect, it is displayed in the manage window.


5. Deck Effect List 




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