Enhance / Evolve

Character Enhacement & Evolution 



You can enhance character stat by using “Atra crystal” and the character will be more powerful through evolution if you reach 35 level.


1. Character Stat Enhancment

The character can enhance by consuming 1 stat enhancement point and it is possible to enhance up to 5 times.


■ Atra Crystal

Atra crystal can be acquired certainly in Colosseum. Also, it can be gained from other contents.

*Atra Crystal Stat Enhancement by grade


■ Stat Enhancement Point

The stat enhancement point can be obtained through the number of whole Astel’s star whenever it increased by 7.


Tip: Character Enhancement!

You can check the stat enhancement point based on the number of Astell’ star at Menu > Astel Card.


■ Enhancing a character stat

At character info, you can enhance a basic stat you want by clicking (+) button follow as:


Tip: Enhancing a stat

You can reset the enhanced stat point by using Atra crystal whenever you want.


2. Character Evolution 

Once your character reach level 35, you can evolve into three classes.

Exclusive skill and bonus stat will be applied differently as a selected class.


Tip: Evolving a character

You can change other class at class evolution menu even if you already selected a class.

(Changing a class cost 30,000 exp.)


3. Enhancing a character class 

After evolution of class, you can enhance the selected class up to 5 stars.

As per star of class, the exclusive skill will be added, and each class can acquire their own five inherit skills.

Enhanced star is belonging to each class and three classes can grow individually.



Tip: Enhancing a class

As per the enhancement of evolved class, the star will be shown on your character interface.

Effect will be added on your character interface when you reach the class enhancement up to five stars.