Patch Notes – Mar 24, 2021

2021.03.24 18:37

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this is Astellia Royal.



This is to inform you of the patch notes on March 24, 2021.

Please see below for details.


■ Maintenance Patch Schedule

- 24/03/2021 (Wed) 17:00 ~ 20:00 (PDT)


◈ Contents


■ New Function: Multi-Enhancement

- You can enhance several gears at the same time.

- It is possible to enhance your items to Target Enhancement Setting

- Only items of the same type can be registered.

- Total of 14 items can be registered.

- How to Proceed with Multi-Enhancement

※ Go to [Item Enhancement] in Inventory > [Multi-Enhancement]

① Register items that you want to enhance

② Set Target Enhancement

③ Check Materials and Asper to be consumed

④ Click the button [Execute], then registered items will be tried to be enhanced to Target Enhancement automatically.

- You can stop Multi-Enhancement by clicking [Stop] while Multi-Enhancement.

- Please note that registered items can be destructed while enhancing.


■ New Legendary Dungeons

- Added new legendary dungeons: Arau Cave, Hall of Equality


Updated new item: Star Caller's Elixir, Star Caller's Starlight Elixir

- When using new Growth Elixir, Hunting EXP and Quest EXP increase.

- Unlike other Elixir, you can get benefits for Quest EXP.

- You can buy new Elixirs by using Aspers in Cash Shop > Exchange Shop > Consumables.

- There is level limit to use.

- Item Details


■ Updated new Karza Treasure

- New Crafting items will be added to Expert Skill > Crafting Skill > Special Crafting > Karza Treasure.

- Materials for Karza Treasure [Enhanced] can be obtained from Legendary Dungeons and new region 'Tulie'.



◈ Event


[New Event]

Amie's Gift for Spring Event

Event Period

- March 25, 2021 (after maintenance) ~ April 22, 2021 (before maintenance)

Event Details

- Increase the amount of Astel Card as daily quest reward from 1 to 3

- Begin Login Event for Spring! Get Attendance Rewards!


Golden Poi's Gift Shop

Event Period

- March 25, 2021 (after maintenance) ~ April 22, 2021 (before maintenance)

Event Details

- Get various rewards by using Asper.


[Ended Event]

- Gem Purchase Event


◈ Product/Shop


■ Changes of Hero Adventurer Package

- Changed Weapon, Armor Box of Hero Adventurer Package to Selection Box


Starter Package 50% OFF Sales Event

- You can buy Starter Package for each class 50% OFF

* Event Period: March 24, 2021(after maintenance) ~ April 22, 2021(before maintenance)


■ New Special Packages

- Added Beginner Star Caller's Adventure Package

- Added Intermediate Star Caller's Adventure Package

- Added Second Constellation’s Secret

- Added 1+1 Astel Card Pack Package

* Sales Period: March 24, 2021(after maintenance) ~ April 22, 2021(before maintenance)


◈ Improvements/Changes

■ Astel Card Pack dropped from field bosses will be tradeable.

■ Improved Chaotic penalty

- The amount of disposition value recovered for all level decreases

- Chaotic penalty of Level 3 increases from 10% to 15%.

■ Added non-PVP areas

- Expanded non-PVP areas from Ragferant to Gladeth Plain of Lentuth

■ Probability of box items in Cash Shop can be checked via tooltip.

■ Probability of some box items in-game can be checked via tooltip.

- Please note that the sum probability of a box item cannot be 100% due to three or four decimal places probability.

■ Added some forbidden words.



Note: when purchasing items

  1. Items in the Product Vault can be refunded within 7 days of purchase.
  2. Items purchased by using Gem and Asper can't be refunded.
  3. Restoration of Gem, Asper, item, and transfer of these requested due to user's mistake are not possible.


General Note

- Contents are subject to change. In this case, modifications will be performed in the announcement.


Thank you.