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Amie's Gift for Spring

2021.03.24 19:48

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this is Astellia Royal.


Spring has come! Amie has prepared Gifts with the coming of the Spring ~


Event 1. Amie’s Thanks Gift for Spring

■ Event Period

- March 25, 2021 (after maintenance) ~ April 29, 2021 (before maintenance)

■ Event Details

- Amie gives you more Astel Cards when completing daily quest!

- Increased the amount of Astel Card as daily quest reward from 1 to 3


Event 2. Warm spring thanks

■ Event Period

- March 25, 2021 00:00 ~ April 22, 2021 23:59

■ Event Details

- Begin Login Event for Spring! Get Attendance Rewards!

- Charming Neromi Items can be acquired when reaching accumulated Log-In days!

- Attendance Rewards are:


※ What is Charming Neromi Box?

- When equipping Charming Neromi items, Movement speed increases by 3%.

- Mask and Costume you want to have can be selected from the box.




■ Event Notice

- Any abnormal ways of entering events may result in the recall of rewards and the restriction of your account.

- The event content and schedule may change with a future notice on this page.

- Reward items claimed during the event can be differently bound and cannot be moved or restored to a character in the same account.


Thank you.