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Golden Poi's Gift Shop (Updated)

2021.03.24 19:49

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this is Astellia Royal.



Special Rewards are waiting for you!

Visit Golden Poi's Gift Shop and Get Items by using your Asper!


Event. Golden Poi's Gift Shop

■ Event Period

- March 25, 2021 (after maintenance) ~ April 29, 2021 (before maintenance)

■ Event Details

- Event NPC 'Golden Poi' located in main area such as Meiville, Lentuth.

- Golden Poi sells event items and you can buy them by using Asper.

- Characters of Level 30 or higher can use this Gift Shop

- Details on Event Items are:

- One of the items below can be obtained from Asper Lucky box

* You can sell them to receive specific Aspers.




■ Event Notice

- Any abnormal ways of entering events may result in the recall of rewards and the restriction of your account.

- The event content and schedule may change with a future notice on this page.

- Reward items claimed during the event can be differently bound and cannot be moved or restored to a character in the same account.


Thank you.