Patch Notes – Apr 28, 2021 (Updated)

2021.04.28 15:22

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this is Astellia Royal.



This is to inform you of the patch notes on March 24, 2021.

Please see below for details.


■ Maintenance Patch Schedule

- 28/04/2021 (Wed) 17:00 ~ 23:00 22:00 (PDT)


◈ Contents


■ New Item: Astel Equipment

1. What is Astel Equipment
There are 2 types of Astel Equipment: Weapon, Armor.

Equipment is different depending on the class(Knight, Warrior, Assassin, Archer, Scholar, Mage, Muse).
* Grade of Astel Equipment

You can find Astel Equipment in Inventory > Astel Equipment

* Slot of Astel Equipment can be extended by using 'Inventory Expansion Ticket'.

2. How to equip Astel Equipment
You can equip Astel Equipment through [Astel Equipment] located in Menu > [Astel Card] > Selecting Astel

3. How to get Astel Equipment
Astel Equipment can be obtained by hunting field monsters.

Heroic or legendary Astel Equipment can be obtained as well in some fields.

There is also the chance to get heroic, legendary Astel Equipment by crafting or exchanging by NPC.

* Places where not dropped: Ragferant, Randeilo(except Coloss Plains), Honduwaga


4. How to craft Astel Equipment

Obtained Astel Equipment can be crafted to higher grade by using Astel Equipment and materials in Menu > Expert Skill > Crafting Skill > Special Crafting.

In the case of normal crafting, "Lesser Star Fragment" as result of heroic, "Greater Star Fragment" as result of legendary can be obtained.

In the case of Success, equipment of higher grade can be obtained.

* Materials for crafting Astel Equipment can be crafted and obtained from Gathering.


5. How to exchange Astel Equipment
When being failed to craft, fragment can be obtained and you can exchange these collected fragments for Astel Equipment by Exchange NPC.


■ New Item: Brilliant Astel Card Pack

- Added new item 'Brilliant Astel Card Pack.

- A card pack which allows you to choose one out of 10 randomly selected Astel cards.

- High Chance to draw an Astel with a maximum of 8 stars

- You can buy 'Brilliant Astel Card Pack' in Cash Shop > Astel > Premium Summon


■ Added 8 new Granvel's Assassin Skin

- Added 8 new Granvel's Assassin Skins.

- New Astel Skins can be obtained from the new package 'Granvel's Light Package'



■ Changed Quest of Amie

- Increased the amount of Astel Card as Parts Collector Amie reward from 1 to 3


◈ Event


[New Event]

- Special Coupon Giveaway Event


[Ended Event]

- Amie's Gift for Spring

- Golden Poi's Gift Shop


◈ Product/Shop


■ New Special Packages

- Added Granvel's Light Package.

- Added Assassin's Light Package.

* Sales Period: April 28, 2021(after maintenance) ~ May 27, 2021(before maintenance)


■ New Unlimited Box

- Added Granvel's Light Box to Cash Shop > Functions & Accessibility > Reliquary


■ New Premium Summon

- Added Brilliant Astel Card Pack to Cash Shop > Astel > Premium Summon



Note: when purchasing items

  1. Items in the Product Vault can be refunded within 7 days of purchase.
  2. Items purchased by using Gem and Asper can't be refunded.
  3. Restoration of Gem, Asper, item, and transfer of these requested due to user's mistake are not possible.


General Note

- Contents are subject to change. In this case, modifications will be performed in the announcement.


Thank you.