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June Log-In Reward Event

2021.06.02 18:36

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this is Astellia Royal!


■ Event Period

Period: June 04(Fri), 2021 ~ July 01(Thu), 2021 23:59 (PDT)

※ The Log-in status is reset daily at 00:00.


■ Event Details

※ You can claim rewards only once per server.

※ The unclaimed rewards can be claimed all at once in case you forgot to redeem the reward after logging in.

※ It is not possible to claim rewards to multiple characters, so please select a character you want and claim rewards.

- Reward List


■ How to set Menu

- You can add the 'Log-in Event' to Shortcut by clicking [Menu] on the bottom right.


■ Note

- Any abnormal ways of entering events may result in the recall of rewards and the restriction of your account.

- The event content and schedule may change with a future notice on this page.

- Reward items claimed during the event can be differently bound and cannot be moved or restored to a character in the same account.

- For any inquiries regarding this event, please contact Customer Service.


Thank you.