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2021.06.23 18:06

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this is Astellia Royal!


Summer Festival of Maglev Continent has begun.

Come visit Midsummer Island and enjoy Summer Festival~


■ Schedule

- Period: Wed, June 23, 2021 after maintenance ~ Wed, July 21, 2021 (before maintenance) July 28(Wed), 2021 before maintenance



You can proceed with daily quest on Midsummer Island, collect 'Summerlight Pearls', and exchange them for rewards

- Enter Midsummer Island through 'Midsummer Island Teleport Manager' in Meiville.

- Proceed with daily quest of Midsummer Island after clearing quest of Relicson in Meiville.

- Obtain 'Summerlight Pearls' by defeating field monsters on midsummer island.

- Join event quests above 15 level


■ Exchanged Rewards

Exchanged Reward Exchanged Amount Purchase Limit
Summer's Blessing Seika Skin Selection Box 300 Max. 1
Summer's Blessing Enakir Skin Selection Box 300 Max. 1
5-star Astel Selection Card Pack 100 Max. 3
4-star Astel Selection Card Pack 80 Max. 4
3-star Astel Selection Card Pack 50 Max. 5
Midsummer Firework 20 Daily 2
Vacation Box 20 Daily 2
Constellation's Blessing 10 Daily 1
Collection Item Selection Box for Summer 50 -
Master Food Box 1 -


■ Summer Event Collection

Collection Name Collection Reward
Midsummer Festival CON +10, WIL +10
Prince of the sea STR +3, AGI +3
Temptation of the beach DEX +4, WIS +4
Midsummer Firework INT +3, KNW +3

* You can obtain collection items from 'Collection Item Selection Box for Summer' as exchanged reward.




■ Summer Festival Login Rewards

You can get rewards depending on play time during event period.

- Connected time can be counted after receiving a previous reward.

- Rewards are received per account and sent to [Inventory] of character received.

- Rewards Notice

Connected Time Reward
30 Min Summerlight Pear x1
60 Min Summerlight Pear x2
90 Min Summerlight Pear x3
120 Min Summerlight Pear x4


■ 'Midsummer Island' Area Buff

You can obtain area buff per level from 'Swimsuit Enakir' on midsummer island.

- Activated area buff when approaching to event NPC and remain only on 'midsummer island'

- Buff Per Level Notice

Level Reward
15~24 Physical / Magic Defense +400
Physical / Magic Attack +400
Physical / Magic Accuracy +400
25~34 Physical / Magic Defense +350
Physical / Magic Attack +350
Physical / Magic Accuracy +350
35~44 Physical / Magic Defense +300
Physical / Magic Attack +300
Physical / Magic Accuracy +300
45~ Physical / Magic Defense +200
Physical / Magic Attack +200
Physical / Magic Accuracy +200


■ Note

1. Any abnormal ways of entering events may result in the recall of rewards and the restriction of your account.

2. The event content and schedule may change with a future notice on this page.

3. Reward items claimed during the event can be differently bound and cannot be moved or restored to a character in the same account.

4. Get reward to a character where you want to receive.


Thank you