Regular Maintenance Notice - June 23

2021.06.23 18:10

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this is Astellia Royal.


This is to inform you of regular maintenance on June 23(Wed).

Please find details for more information.


■ Maintenance Notice

- Date/Time(PDT): Wed, June 09, 2021 17:00 ~ 21:00 (240Min)

※ Maintenance time and contents may subject to change and it will be announced via this notice.


■ Applied Contents

1. Astel

Added 6 skins of Astel's Blessing.

- Changed basic stats of Astel, deck effect, and special skill when equipping Astel skin.

- Be able to obtain new Astel skin as reward of summer event

[Go to Event Notice]


2. Item

- Changed use level of 'Instant Return Scroll' from 0 to 5.

- Improved convenience of some selection boxes to use several times

* Relevant Items

Item Name
Elixir of Time Supply Box
Wind Ghast Selection Ticekt
Gust Ghast Selection Ticekt
Wind Cusi Selection Ticekt
Gust Cusi Selection Ticekt
Wind Nemea Selection Ticekt
Gust Nemea Selection Ticekt
Wind Marzena Selection Ticekt
Gust Marzena Selection Ticekt
Wind Eccatle Selection Ticekt
Gust Eccatle Selection Ticekt
Wind Tukana Selection Ticekt
Gust Tukana Selection Ticekt
Wind Morimu Selection Ticekt
Gust Morimu Selection Ticekt
Wind Lucybella Selection Ticekt
Gust Lucybella Selection Ticekt
Forgotten Elixir Box
Special Nostrum Box
Uncommon Material Box
Seven Star's Material Box
Halloween Chaser Avatar Selection Box
Poy Hat Avatar Selection Box
Star Keeper Virgo Granvel Skin Box
+5 Heroic Warrior Weapon Box
+5 Heroic Assassin Weapon Box
+5 Heroic Archer Weapon Box
+5 Heroic Scholar Weapon Box
+5 Heroic Mage Weapon Box
+5 Heroic Warrior Armor Box
+5 Heroic Assassin Armor Box
+5 Heroic Archer Armor Box
+5 Heroic Scholar Armor Box
+5 Heroic Mage Armor Box
Neromi Costume Selection Box
Neromi Mask Selection Box
Granvel's Astel Skin Selection Box
Astel Equipment Selection Box(Rare)


3. Others

- Fixed the issue where information on Astel skin window is not displayed properly sometimes.


■ Note

1. Please log out of your game before maintenance to ensure that your game data is stored properly.

2. Players will not be able to access Astellia Royal during the update.

3. Please contact customer center if you have any question related to the maintenance.


Thank you.