Regular Maintenance Notice - July 28

2021.07.28 18:31

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Hello, this is Astellia Royal.


This is to inform you of regular maintenance on July 28(Wed).

Please find details for more information.


■ Maintenance Notice

- Date/Time(PDT): Wed, July 28, 2021 17:00 ~ 21:00 (240Min)

※ Maintenance time and contents may subject to change and it will be announced via this notice.


■ Applied Contents

1. Added Legendary Dungeons

Added new legendary dungeons 'Lagash Underground Sanctum', 'Dimensional Library Basilla', 'Haveli mansion'

- You can enter legendary dungeons from 35 level through menu [Adventure] > [Legendary(Hard)].

- Various items such as legendary equipment, Star Mark Fragment can be obtained in the legendary dungeons.


2. Item

Added 'Crest' item possible to change appearance of another class and gender when equipping it.

- Crest item has default appearance and appearance can be changed by using 'Appearance Change Ticket' after equipping it.

- Armor appearance can be changed when equipping 'Armor Avatar' of relevant class after equipping Crest item.

* In case of equipping 'Armor Avatar' of not relevant class, armor appearance cannot be changed.


3. Others

- Ended the event 'SUMMER FESTIVAL'.

- Changed Armor Avatar per class to equip it regardless of class

- Added exchange item 'Character Appearance Change Ticket' to celebrate the update 'Crest' item.

* 1,000 Asper can be exchanged for Character Appearance Change Ticket once per server from [Shop] > [Exchange Shop] > [Consumables].


4. Product/Shop

- Added Crest per class to Shop > Avatar > Crest

- Added Character Appearance Change Ticket to Shop > Exchange Shop > Consumables


※ Note: when purchasing items

1. Items in the Product Vault can be refunded within 7 days of purchase.

2. Items purchased by using Gem and Asper can't be refunded.

3. Restoration of Gem, Asper, item, and transfer of these requested due to user's mistake are not possible.

4. Information of probability-type item can be found in the probability-type item composition announcement. (Added when ending maintenance)


■ Note

1. Please log out of your game before maintenance to ensure that your game data is stored properly.

2. Players will not be able to access Astellia Royal during the update.

3. Please contact customer center if you have any question related to the maintenance.


Thank you.