Regular Maintenance Notice - August 25

2021.08.25 18:13

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Hello, this is Astellia Royal.


This is to inform you of regular maintenance on August 25(Wed).
Please find details for more information.


■ Maintenance Notice
- Date/Time(PDT): Wed, August 25, 2021 17:00 ~ 22:00 (300Min)
※ Maintenance time and contents may subject to change and it will be announced via this notice.


■ Applied Contents

1. New Region - Pallat Islands
Added lonely islands in the distant sea, Pallat Islands where people who serve forgotten goddness and people who turn against her live.

■ Pallat Islands Introduction
- Pallat Islands are divided into north island and south island, and there are different kinds of region and monster.
- Main quest of Pallat Islands can be progressed after completing the main quest of Tullie.
- 4 daily quests for every day and 2 weekly quests to be performed after completing main quests are added.

■ Exclusive Coin "Embers of Pallat"
- Exclusive Coin "Embers of Pallat" can be obtained as quest reward of Pallat Islands.
- "Embers of Pallat" can be obtained at a certain rate when defeating field monster in Pallat Islands.


2. New Astel - Pallat Goddess Pisces
- Added Pallat Goddess Pisces recovering original power as new Astel.
- Summoned Pallat Goddess Pisces from Astel Card Pack
* 'Pallat Goddess Pisces' is not included in Guardian Card Pack exchangeable from Shop > Zender Exchange Shop.
* 2 skins of Pallat Goddess Pisces exchangeable with Granvel's Starlight Coin are added.


3. Item
Added 'Enhancement Protection Scroll' prevented from destruction when failed to enhance.
- 'Enhancement Protection Scroll' can be used to enhance +3 ~ +7 equipment of normal ~ legendary grade and current enhancement status is maintained when failed to enhance.
- 'Enahncement Protection Scroll' can be obtained by purchasing packages.


4. Others
- Translation of language is not applied after update on August 26 and Korean is only available.


※ Note: when purchasing items
1. Items in the Product Vault can be refunded within 7 days of purchase.
2. Items purchased by using Gem and Asper can't be refunded.
3. Restoration of Gem, Asper, item, and transfer of these requested due to user's mistake are not possible.
4. Information of probability-type item can be found in the probability-type item composition announcement. (Added when ending maintenance)


■ Note
1. Please log out of your game before maintenance to ensure that your game data is stored properly.
2. Players will not be able to access Astellia Royal during the update.
3. Please contact customer center if you have any question related to the maintenance.


Thank you.